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The days of “business as usual” are over. Change is the new normal. Economic, geopolitical, technological, demographic and environmental challenges will continue to shape our reality for many years to come. For us as individuals it is already difficult enough to keep up with all these developments but for teams and companies it is even harder. Because of our daily workload we lose sight of the “big picture” and often end up focusing on processes instead of on results. 

  • Assume and maintain value based leadership
  • Develop strategic thinking and
  • Use communication as a professional instrument

These methods are three sides of one triangle that help professionals and teams to develop and nurture the growth attitude needed to stay ahead of the curve.

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About Jeroen Ketting

In 1994, Ketting moved from the Netherlands to Russia to start a career in the provision of management services. Since then  he has helped hundreds of companies succeed in the challenging Russian market.

Today, Ketting owns three businesses and marks 27 years of uninterrupted presence on the Russian market.  Apart from his business activities, Ketting inspires and motivates leaders and management teams to improve their leadership. On the basis of his 8-step achievement method and Value Based Programs he has helped numerous professionals to change their company’s persistent drags into drivers. 

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