For more than 25 years Ketting performed as a bridge between Russia and the West. Owners and top-managers of international companies, that do business in Russia, used Ketting as their trusted advisor and benefited from his extensive knowledge and network.

All these years of entrepreneurship in the harsh reality of Russian business in a multitude of sectors has provided Ketting with a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve success in challenging intercultural business environments.

Today Ketting uses all his knowledge and experience to motivate professionals and teams to improve their leadership, communication and negotiation skills. With one foot in today’s business world and the other in the valuetainment activities Ketting excels in relating to his client’s immediate needs and always looks for the added value through his positive energy, structure, knowledge and skills.

Short summary of Ketting's Career

  • Dutch business owner and entrepreneur, living and working in Russia since 1994
  • Successful builder of bridges between EU and Russian businesses
  • Strategist and trusted advisor to first line managers of international companies
  • Expert on intercultural communication
  • 25 years of hands-on EU-Russian business experience including the establishment of 24 Joint Ventures and 50+ branches for International companies
  • Faculty member and certified trainer of the Schranner Negotiation Institute in Zurich
  • Board member of international companies and NGOs
  • Renowned publicist and speaker

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