Ketting's approach

Value Based Philosophy

Ketting’s work is based on the Value Based Philosophy; a concept he developed on the basis of his 25 years of entrepreneurial experience. 

Problem solving, creativity, conflict resolution, leadership, communication and negotiations all have one thing in common. 

If you face challenges on one level (of thinking, goal setting, operating, getting clarity, getting results) then you can overcome these challenges by understanding what the next level is, formulate it, discuss it, test it and then work towards it.

It is all about identifying the “bigger idea” and then formulating that, communicating that and working towards that “bigger idea” collectively. The “biggest” ideas are your values and vision. The Value Based approach helps companies, executives and managers to root and ground themselves on their personal and professional values on a daily basis.

Ketting's Trademark Methods

8 steps of achievement

Increased capacity to achieve results on the basis of 8 practical steps

8 steps of achievement

Strategic thinking process

Increased strategic perspective and focus

Strategic thinking process

Turning Drags into Drivers

Ketting creates awareness and provides tools to turn drags into drivers

Drags to Drivers