2 July – Presentation on Fishery Market in Russia

Presentation on Fishery Market in Russia, 2 July 2019, Urk

The Russian fishery fleet consists of over 200 vessels. More than 80% of these vessels are over their planned lifecycle. According to the Russian Fishery Agency (Росрыболовство) Russia will need about 400 new fishing vessels in the short to medium term. Russia has about 40% of the knowledge, technology and capacity to meet that need of 400 new fishing vessels. The fish processing industry shows similar dynamics. This creates opportunities for foreign companies!
What role can foreign maritime suppliers play? What are the opportunities and challenges of the Russian market? What are the steps to take to increase your chance of success in Russia with minimal risks?

Jeroen Ketting spoke about these topics on July 2nd in Urk, a town in the Netherlands that has been famous for its fishery since the 10th century. The event was organised by: Bedrijvenkring Urk, Vereniging van Visgroothandelaren Urk, Urk Maritime and Horizon North-Holland.

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