25 April – Russia Symposium: the underlying risks of export

What are the strategic, financial and operational risks of doing business in Russia? On 25 April 2019, Evofenedex organises a Russia Symposium to answer all your questions about the impact of international sanctions and the new custom laws as well as about other risks of exporting to Russia. 

Jeroen Ketting will be a keynote speaker at the symposium. Using the example of his own company Lighthouse Technologies, he discusses a real-life business case with the audience:

“Increasing sales in Russia by 43% in 2018? It sounds impossible considering Russia’s recent challenging economic and political climate. Nonetheless, it is exactly what we have done after the acquisition of a Russian distributor of dry-bulk-handling equipment in 2017. The result of sheer luck or the result of sound business strategy? I will share our business case with you so you can decide for yourself!

More importantly, I will share the tools, tips and tricks to achieve such results for your own business in Russia. We will discuss how to capitalize on Russia’s opportunities and avoid its pitfalls. And I will answer your questions about the Russian market.” – J.N. Ketting

  • Date: 25 April 2019
  • Time: 10:30 – 16:30
  • Language of instruction: Dutch
  • Location: Amersfoort, the Netherlands

For more information, costs of the symposium and online registration, see the Evofenedex event page.

Special offer! Use the promo code WMRU in the online registration form to get a 20% discount (usually only accessible to EVOFenedex members).

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