Become the Hero in You

“A hero is not an extraordinary person in ordinary circumstances. A hero is an ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances.”

(“Hero” from the Greek word “heros”, meaning “protector” or “defender”.)

In this series “Become the Hero in You!” Jeroen Ketting shares his experience of dealing with hardships in life. He explains how “stories that we tell ourselves” shape our lives. How by changing the stories we tell ourselves, we can turn our lives into victorious story of the hero that lives inside each and every one of us. 

“Becoming the Hero in You” is an invitation to find those sparks of brilliance inside ourselves and fan them into flames of extraordinary action. And by doing so making a difference to ourselves and to the world around us.

This introductory video get-together to the upcoming series has attracted the audience from all over the world, namely from Russia, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, UK, India and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Positive feedback and attendance has spurred Jeroen on to move forward with this topic. We hope our series will encourage you to handle the difficulties that life can sometimes impose on us with courage, faith and self-belief. 

To ensure that you can always get inspired by getting another glimpse of Jeroen’s talk, see the recordings of the video get-together “Becoming the Hero in You”:

What clients say about Hero webinars

“I found to talk to be a refreshing narrative about personal progress in the midst of hardships and finding the motivation within. It has definitely has got me thinking on channelising my energies towards prioritising my goals and planning the way forward. More-so, this is a topic which is very relevant in today’s turbulent times as we all look for a sense of direction. Jeroen is a very eloquent speaker and his personal experiences are inspiring. Am glad I was attending the webinar, it has been an enriching experience”.

“I liked Jeroen’s talk because it was a really good presentation. Good timing, using different elements from history, philosophy and with some very personal notes”

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