First International On-Line Forum “R2R” Region 2 Region

Today Jeroen Ketting spoke at the First International On-Line Forum “R2R” Region 2 Region, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation. 
The Forum focuses at relations between Samara and The Netherlands in the areas of export/import/investment/cooperation/culture. Jeroen was asked to speak about the differences between Russian and Western businesses. This is a challenging topic in any situation but when the audience consists of a diverse group of importers, exporters, investors, investment agencies it becomes even more challenging. That is why for this Forum Jeroen decided to talk about the most essential issues. The common denominators of successful international business, regardless of who you are or what your role and interest is.   
“The biggest barrier in international business is not created by the differences of others but by the attitude of ourselves”.

First International On-Line Forum “R2R” Region 2 Region
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