Free webinar by Jeroen Ketting on Effective Communication

After the success of the Webinar “7 Steps to Effective Communication” Jeroen will soon hold two new Webinars. The Webinar “Effective Communication” and the Webinar “Conscious Communication Skills”.

In the webinar “Effective Communication” Jeroen will talk about the following topics:
▶ What creates problems in communication?
▶ What can we do about it?
▶ What is meaningful communication?
▶ Understanding the communication process
▶ Finding your voice

Jeroen will also highlight 5 common cases of difficult communication on the work floor.
▶  Bringing bad news
▶  Having difficult discussions
▶  Getting things done
▶  Maintaining respectful communication
▶  Communicating across cultures

In the Webinar “Conscious Communication Skills” Jeroen will specifically focus on the following 8 communication skills: 
▶  5W2H
▶  Types of questions
▶  Active listening
▶  Silence
▶  Paraphrasing
▶  Note-taking
▶  (Non-) (Para-) Verbal Communication
▶  Dealing with Objections

Jeroen will also share exercises you can do at home.
 Fun communication exercises you can do with family or friends

The Webinar “Effective Communication” will take place on Friday, December 11, 2020 at 1300MSK / 1100 CET. You can register for the webinar through this link or contact Jeroen Ketting at 

What do Clients say about Ketting:

“JEROEN, many thanks for the nice webinar and very useful information.” 
“Thank you. It was really useful, positive and interesting.” 
“Thank you very much, also for an inspiration!” 
“Thanks Jeroen ! Very informative, well done, great presentaion ;-)”  
“Dear Jeroen, thank you much for the webinar and your time. It has been a really positive push for today.” 
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Free webinar by Jeroen Ketting on Effective Communication
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