SME Training: Conscious Communication Skills

We will focus on the following 8 communication skills:
– Questioning 
– Active listening
– Silence
– Paraphrasing
– Note-taking
– (Non-) (Para-) Verbal Communication 
– Dealing with Objections
– Effective persuasion
Jeroen Ketting
We will also share exercises you can do at home:
Fun communication exercises you can do with colleagues, family, or friends
Learning goals:
1. Acquire and refresh basic communication skills
2. Gain easy-to-use tools and reference materials to control the communication process
3. Reduce communication conflicts
4. Use objections to your benefit 
5. Increase the effectiveness and persuasive power of your communication
SME Training: Conscious Communication Skills
If you want to participate, please contact us via this contact form and we will get back to you.

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