Passed event: The 7 Steps of Creating Effective Presentations.

Jeroen Ketting held the on-line training “The 7 Steps of Creating Effective Presentations” on October 16 at 12:00 noon (MSK).

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Below you can find the summary, feedback and the video registration of this webinar.


My friends and colleagues often ask me for help when they need to give a speech, present a report, hold a webinar or conduct an important meeting. 

They ask me because they know I give trainings in this field and they hope to get some free advice They also ask me because they know I have abundant experience in expressing my thoughts in TV, radio and print interviews, and as a presenter and moderator at conferences, seminars and webinars.

I am glad to help them because talking about effective communication is something I truly enjoy, and because each time I help someone I learn something new myself.

One of the things I learned is that my friends and colleagues never ask for help when things seem to go smoothly. They turn to me when they are stressed out because they lack time, information, inspiration, and control.

The next thing I learned, is that most people cannot answer the basic questions about the presentations they have to give. The 5W2H questions. What, Why, Who, Where, When, How and How much. Or in other words: “what is your presentation about, what is the event about, what is the program of the event, who is your audience, what effect do you want to achieve with your audience, who are the other speakers, why do you speak at this event, how long is your presentation, when are you scheduled to speak, how are you going to present, what are your resources during preparation and execution, and so on. 

Luckily, I have also learned that, in spite of the stress and lack of direction that my friends and colleagues experience, it is relatively easy to get them back into the driver’s seat of the process of preparing for their presentations.

As it turns out, it only takes 7 steps to make a success of any presentation.


1.Answering the important questions about your presentation

2.Formulating your main idea

3.Creating the right argument to present your idea

4.Creating a structure or storyline

5.Writing your presentation effectively

6.Preparing conscientiously  

7.Presenting consciously

No matter how much time you have to prepare, no matter who your audience is, and no matter how important your presentation is, when you take these 7 steps in a disciplined manner you will give a better presentation than when you do not follow these steps and try to wing it. 

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This is what the attendees of this webinar said:

Jeroen, thank you very much for an inspiring webinar. Lots of good tips and tricks. It will surely add to delivery of better presentations. Learned a lot. Thanks for sharing your expertise on the topic. Highly appreciated! PS excellent timing within the hour (-;

JEROEN, many thanks for the nice webinar and very useful information.

Thank you. It was really useful, positive and interesting.

Thank you very much, also for an inspiration!

Thanks Jeroen ! Very informative, well done, great presentaion ;-) 

Dear Jeroen, thank you much for the webinar and your time. It has been a really positive push for today

fantastisch Jeroen! ik heb genoten, geen extra vragen en zal je nog mailen voor de presentatie


Thanks Jeroen, Very interesting. Will use this information definitely.

Thank you very much for this presentation. Several points I am certainly dragging with myself!

Thank your for a brilliant presentation, Jeroen!

Thanks for the useful presentation and advice! Much appreciated!

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Thanks a lot, Jeroen, for this master-class, very useful! You, yourself were a good example of how to do it. I am already implementing.

The 7 Steps of Creating Effective Presentations
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