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In Ketting’s mentoring sessions, 3 elements come together:

  1. The mentee’s motivation, abilities, questions
  2. The mentor’s motivation, experience, guidance
  3.’s methods on leadership, strategy, communication

Ketting works with motivated professionals who approach their own development with an open mind and who are ready to step into the unknown. Ketting’s mentees expect a respectful, positive, practical, no-nonsense approach from their mentor. They are not afraid to open up and they understand that personal attitudes and life philosophies influence their professional lives. They understand that instead of seeking a “work-life balance” it is more important to achieve an overall “life-harmony”. Ketting’s mentees are senior managers and business owners.

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Ketting’s mentorship style is caring, empathic and result-oriented. His primary motivation is to help the mentee progress and succeed. This means that his mentoring sessions are intense, direct, and honest. Ketting shares his own experiences, successes and failures when it is of benefit to the mentee.


The sessions

Ketting believes that “sharing is caring” and that the best results are achieved when mentoring is based on mutual understanding acceptance and respect. The mentoring sessions include:

  • Sharing of knowledge and life experiences
  • Providing guidance and advice
  • Supporting
  • Listening
  • Inspiring and motivating
  • Encouraging
  • Strategy formulation
  • Goal-setting
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Developing communication skills
  • Advice on networking
  • Elements of Coaching

The work during the sessions is a combination of the ingredients above, depending on the particular questions and needs of the mentee.

Usually between 5 and 10 sessions help a mentee to make concrete steps forward. The exact planning of the work to be done during the sessions is clarified during the first 2 sessions. 

Sessions typically last 90 minutes.

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Over the last 26 years Ketting has developed specific methods for leadership development, strategy formulation, communication in sales and negotiations and intercultural business excellence. His methods are grounded in the daily reality of the challenging Russian business environment. They are easy to grasp and directly applicable. Ketting’s methods have helped his clients and his own businesses to overcome serious challenges and keep driving for growth. 

During the mentorship sessions the methods will be explained and applied whenever it benefits the mentee.

Ketting mentoring “Mantras”

For successful mentoring it is important that mentor and mentee strive to:

  • Understand, accept and respect

And to approach the session with the right:

  • Attitude, work and focus

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