AEB Guide – Step by Step: Living in Russia

Jeroen Ketting explains what the main difficulties are that you may face in Russia and how to overcome these difficulties. This article is published in the guide "Step by Step: Living in Russia" from the Association of European Businesses (2010).

Doing Business in Russia

In the last decade, the Russian market, together with the markets of Brazil, India and China, has been among the fastest developing markets in the world. Starting from the early nineties, many European companies have established themselves in Russia and have since built up thriving businesses. In spite of the many apparent successes, the first steps of doing business in Russia are never easy. Whether you start in Russia as an individual entrepreneur or as an established business you will come across a number of difficulties that may seem hard to deal with. These difficulties may include differences in business culture, stereotypical ideas or the language barrier.

This chapter explains what the main difficulties are that you may face and how to overcome these difficulties. The information in this chapter is by no means exclusive. One could write and talk endlessly about Russia and her relationship with Europe. The chapter merely tries to indicate a number of the issues that arise regularly in Russian – European business cooperation. I hope that this information will help you to understand Russia better and that through this understanding your quality oflife in Russia will improve and your business will be successful. One thing is certain; Russia will not leave you unmoved and the chance is very big that you will come to admire and love this country and its people.

Interested? Read the full article in the AEB Guide “Step by Step: Living in Russia” (2010).

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