Sustainable Energy: Lighting a Path to the Future

The article "Sustainable Energy: Lighting a Path to the Future" was written by Elmira Kuznetsova with input from Jeroen Ketting for Project Holland-Russia; Partners in Trade.

| By Elmira Kuznetsova

The expertise in the field of sustainable energy wielded by Dutch technology giant Philips has become so advanced that their researchers are able to devote just as much attention to beautifying the planet as they do to saving it. “We are currently developing a street lamp in the form of a flower blossom that opens up during the day and gathers energy from the sun, then closes up at night and lights the streets,” described Tatyana Li, communications manager at Philips Lighting Eastern Europe. “When a person approaches, the lamp shines brighter, reacting to its environs.”

How soon these sorts of lamps and other advanced technologies in the realm of sustainable energy make their appearance in Russia depends to a large extent on the initiative of Russian companies, because while there exists enormous potential for the use of energy-effective technologies in Russia, the government has no one spurring on a green revolution. Given the absence of such leadership, the private sector is forced to bear the torch — and that’s where Dutch energy companies come in.

The fragment above is taken from the article “Sustainable Energy: Lighting a Path to the Future” by Elmira Kuznetsova with input from Jeroen Ketting. It was written for the Project Russia-Holland; Partners in Trade and available in English and Russian via this link.

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