Ketting's Seminars at the Schranner Negotiation Institute

About the Schranner Negotiation Institute

The Schranner Negotiation Institute is the global leader in supporting difficult negotiations. The institute trains all managers involved to become professional negotiators, and implements new strategies within the company.

Ketting will help you to

  • Define your personal and professional values
  • Become aware of the context of these values
  • Recognize your skills and character
  • Formulating a vision
  • Be motivated
  • Take responsibility
  • Take action

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Ketting's seminars at the Schranner Institute

Negotiating with Russians

With Ketting’s help you will unlock the potential of effective communication and negotiations with your Russian counterparts, as well as learn to understand the psychology of the “Russian soul”.

Qualified Negotiator

Ketting will optimally prepare you to lead a difficult negotiation. In this course he teaches  you the most important tactics of an operative negotiation, such as how to prepare for a negotiation professionally, the correct entry into difficult negotiations and the targeted conclusion.

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