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Put your values into practice

Ineffective communication is caused by not having clearly defined and formulated ideas. “What is not clear in the head, cannot come clear out of the head”. Value Based Communication helps you to communicate messages that you believe in and that are based on a “bigger idea”.

The most effective messages are delivered by people who believe in their message. In order to believe in your message, you need to root your message in your (and your company’s) values and vision.

Value Based Communication helps you to: organize your thoughts, clarify your vision, ground you in confidence, energize yourself and your audience and influence your stakeholders.

 The principle of Value Based Communication is simple. You are always confident about what you communicate, because it is in line with your values and vision on a higher level than the level of what you communicate.

Value Based Communication forces you to continuously ask yourself if what you communicate:

  • Is in line with your values and vision
  • Motivates your audience to act/think
  • Convinces and influences your audience
  • Is beneficial to you and supportive of your purpose

Value Based Communication helps you to

  • Define your corporate Values and Vision
  • Clarify the exact purpose for each communication
  • Organize and formulate your information and ideas
  • Define the appropriate message for the right audience
  • Choose the right sender
  • Find the appropriate medium
  • Guarantee effective delivery
  • Have the desired effect

Ketting will help you to

  • Define your personal and professional values
  • Become aware of the context of these values
  • Recognize your skills and character
  • Formulating a vision
  • Be motivated
  • Take responsibility
  • Take action

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