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Value Based Negotiations training focuses on understanding negotiations, identifying the benefits of conflict, understanding negotiation challenges, developing crucial negotiation skills and mastering a straightforward negotiation method.

Value Based Negotiation training helps you to become a better negotiator by:

  1. increasing your awareness of what negotiations are and what benefits conflict brings you,

  2. improving the personal skills all good negotiators need,

  3. introducing a straightforward 6- step negotiation method that can be applied to any negotiation situation.


A 4-hour theoretical session will provide you with the knowledge, tips and tricks that will enable you to have better negotiations right-away.

Ketting will help you to

  • Define your personal and professional values
  • Become aware of the context of these values
  • Recognize your skills and character
  • Formulating a vision
  • Be motivated
  • Take responsibility
  • Take action

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The theoretical session can be followed up by an optional one-day practical session with exercises, role-plays and real-life cases. Trainees can bring in difficult cases from their own experience and practice these cases during the role plays.

Trainees rate this training “5-star” on a 5-star scale because of the following reasons:

  1. The training provides a method and a way of thinking that is applicable to all kinds of negotiations and to all kinds of negotiation styles and character types.
  2. “Ketting is more of a business mentor than a trainer or coach. He shares his own business experience, successes and failures for the benefit of the trainees instead of merely teaching theory”.
  3. Ketting allows for active discussion and participation and uses examples proposed by the trainees for the theoretical training.

Value-Based Negotiations teaches negotiators to understand the value of their negotiation position, to set clear goals, to focus, and to work along a clearly defined method. The training helps to increase the negotiator’s confidence level.

Value Based Negotiation training is designed for senior managers who have regular exposure to different kinds of negotiations.

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Value Based Negotiation

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