Value Based Sales

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The Value Based Sales training combines a strong focus on the value of the sales person and her/his proposal with a buyer-oriented sales pitch. The aim of the training is to make it easier to close a sale based on mutual benefit.

The training teaches sales teams to set clear goals, increase confidence levels and focus, and to understand what the benefits of focus are. We help them become aware of their own value and the value of their sales offering, while working along a clearly defined method:

Understanding the importance of:

Our trainees become aware of

  • The need to manage and direct their sales visits
  • The importance of focusing on closing from the moment of opening
  • The importance of valuing themselves and their product
  • The benefits of a buyer-oriented pitch
  • The ways to automatically close a sale

Value Based Sales trains you to

  • Approach each sales visit as if it is the first visit
  • Offer value instead of asking for favors
  • Go from sales-presentation to sales-pitch
  • Sell instead of tell
  • Think a step ahead
  • Build a bridge to your next sales visit

Ketting will help you to

  • Define your personal and professional values
  • Become aware of the context of these values
  • Recognize your skills and character
  • Formulating a vision
  • Be motivated
  • Take responsibility
  • Take action

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